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Now Closed: Still Life with Apples

Check back here for updates on future online groups.

Group Participation is FREE with Purchase of the corresponding video.

We are time-zone free!  Doesn't matter where you live or what time-zone you are in.


A Painting Group is the place to:

  • ask questions and get feedback on your paintings

  • view art tips and demo videos specific to the topic we are painting

  • learn about favorite products, books, etc.

  • share and learn from others around the globe

  • participate in challenges and critiques

Here are a few comments from a past painting group:

Kathy W., New South Wales, Australia said...

Thank you Judy for your critiques.  I have learned so much in this workshop.  i have much more confidence now...Looking forward to what you have for us next.  There is so much more to learn and it's great to be part of a group and learning together.

Darla W., Jeffersonville, IN, USA said...

Wow! I'm so happy that I took this workshop!  It was a really good learning experience and I've enjoyed the online community and all of the extras on the [private group] blog.  You put a lot of work into the critiques and they are very helpful.  I like that you offered methods on how to make the suggested changes as opposed to only pointing out what could be changed. Thank you for the time and energy you put into this.  Next I am going to try Blue Bus 77...my first street scene and I can't wait to try it!

Linda S., Bush, Louisiana, USA said...

This has been a valuable learning experience.  I really liked the private blog and found it easy to navigate. Besides teaching us many new techniques, your gentle handling of critiques boosted my confidence and desire to learn more.  I will share with my friends what a great and generous teacher you are and how much I learned. Thanks for everything and I look forward to our next private group workshop.

Judy D., Lexington, TN, USA said...

Judy, thank you so much for your great guidance.  I will work on your suggestions which are extremely helpful.  This is so exciting.  Thank you again.  This is a great way to study!


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Painting groups are private. Only those enrolled in the groups can see our posts or access our online "room"

Join anytime before or during the group session but the earlier the better.  You'll gain so much just by being able to access the group.

NOTE: Students will need to post their final paintings 1 week before the group closes to be included in the group critiques. 


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