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Watercolor is a wonderful art medium.   Besides making beautiful paintings, it is easy to use, spontaneous, portable, fume-free, and has little cleanup.

If you are not familiar with my work, you can check out my gallery website at JudyMudd.com

For years I've taught weekly watercolor classes and workshops and knew many would like to learn from home. These watercolor videos and optional online groups, offer that opportunity.

These videos are created as if you are sitting beside me at my easel.  You see both my painting surface and my palette.  I talk you through the painting, step-by-step.  I explain everything about watercolor and the techniques I am using to complete the painting.

Best of all, you can pause, rewind and repeat as often as you like.  Watch them by streaming online for a full year or download the videos to your computer and keep them forever.

This website is updated regularly.  Be sure to sign up for the Paint Watercolor newsletter to be the first to know when new items hit the site.  I'll email you a 30-minute video lesson free just for signing up.  I hope you enjoy learning how to paint in watercolor and find you love this medium as much as I do.

Whatever your dreams, learning to paint in watercolor truly is a gift of a lifetime.  I hope you join me as we take this journey together!

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Judy painting in Boston Kentucky

Paint Watercolor is committed to providing you with total satisfaction. Every time. Guaranteed.

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